Bistra hiša - Smart House

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Our projects

The Smart house is the first pilot example of the renovation of an old building of heritage building with consideration of monument protection, energy efficiency during renovation using natural raw materials for insulation (including a passive attic) and installation of RES devices and systems.

LAG Goričko

Smart house is the leading partner for LAG Goričko 2020 in the program period 2014-2020. It provides spatial, logistical, administrative and technical support to the bodies of LAG, which they need for their operation. It carries out information, animation and motivation of residents and other entities and encourages them to participate in public calls of LAG.


Get to know the Local Action Group GORIČKO

LAS represents a local public-private partnership in a defined rural area and consists of representatives of various socio-economic sectors (public, economic and third sector).


Our past activities and topics in the frame of EU projects

Explore the references from various successful EU projects, check out what topics we do cover and what we are good at. We are awaiting for your contacts and cooperation.

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