About us

Smart House, institution for research and sustainable development Martjanci is a relatively young institution whose main purpose is to carry out development, research, education, promotion and consulting activities in the areas of:

  • the economic and spiritual development of people and the strengthening of their well-being,
  • sustainable use of available resources,
  • integration and linking of experts and institutions from various development, scientific and educational fields and
  • development and support of development-research work, new technologies and procedures, rural development, preservation and protection of natural and cultural heritage and ensuring the development and sustainability of human, natural, energy, information, cultural and other resources.

It performs its activities mainly in the area of Pomurje, but it also intervenes more widely – in the international space, especially in neighboring countries.

Zavod Bistra hiša – Smart House Martjanci is a non-profit and non-governmental organization based in Martjanci, where for its own needs and for the needs of organizations and institutions with a similar mission and activities, it bought the building of the former school, and renovated it in a sustainable way and taking into account high cultural and historical criteria.

This office building is in many ways an example for other investors. Both in terms of efficient use of resources, as well as in terms of technological equipment, consideration of cultural and historical restoration criteria, use of traditional materials.